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Urge Your Legislators to Support Proposed 'NJ Student Support Act'

Take action by filling out the below letter to let your legislators know how important the New Jersey Student Support Act is to New Jersey schools and families!

Make Your Voice Heard — Tell Us Why Tax Credit Scholarships are Important to Your Family

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Tax Credit Scholarship programs are essential for families by keeping costs for school manageable and help the state by saving the public school system billions per year.

The proposed Tax Credit Scholarship bill in New Jersey will create education opportunities for our community, easing the burden of tuition, while benefiting the school system and the state, overall.

Social Media Videos - the Stories of the Student Support Act

Anna Maria Kukuruza - Nonpublic Schools are a lifeline


Lissette Shumny - Finding funding for students


Rebecca Eliason - Importance of the Student Support Act

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By offering financial assistance to those most in need wherever they go to school, the 'NJ Student Support Act' (#a4144 / #s3035) allows our state’s educational system - and our children - to thrive. Join me in the fight to make it a reality! More at: 

The #NJStudentSupportAct (#a4144 / #s3035) provides support to the communities, families, and districts that need it most, creating opportunity for New Jersey’s children. Together, we can bring this support to our state. More at:

New Jersey has the best public schools in the country. The #NJStudentSupportAct (#a4144 / #s3035) is an opportunity to support them by increasing funding to the school districts that need it the most. Join me in the fight to make it a reality! More at:

The #NJStudentSupportAct (#a4144 / #s3035) isn't either/or, it's a is a win for ALL of New Jersey's students by providing support for public AND nonpublic schools. Send a letter to your legislators and let them know why this bill is so critical to our state:  

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